Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post 5

Unfortunately I haven't done anything for my project during the last three weeks.  I'm a little disappointed with myself for not doing anything over break.  I wish I could say I was too busy over the holidays because that would be a decent excuse, but in reality, there was probably three or four days where I was actually completely booked (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day).  So that's me being straight up lazy, but I've learned from my mistake and I plan on getting back on track.  Since it's been a month since I really thought about my project I'll have to do some research to remember what I did so long ago.  That will actually have me going backwards for a little, so I'll have to work even harder to catch up.  I still have a pretty good understanding of how professional teams use the plus minus stat currently which I was pretty impressed with myself.  Even though doing all this research isn't the fun part, it's still necessary so that when it comes to actually creating the app I know what I'm doing, and don't fail miserably.  The very depressing thought is that even if I do all the research I might still fail miserably anyway, but that's what this project is about.  So if any of you guys are still choosing what your project is, don't worry about failing because you'll have at least one other person in the same boat as you. (That's me). 

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